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Water quality monitoring for longer lifetime of power plants

2016/5/30      view:

Water quality is a crucial factor for avoiding corrosion and scaling of turbines, boilers and pipes in power plants. Particles in the boiler feed water and steam shorten the lifetime of the turbines, leading to costly repairs or even replacement. Additionally, bad water quality leads to inefficient processes and increases maintenance efforts.

Modular system for all water and steam cycles of your plant


Our SWAS panels monitor the water quality in your power plant and keep the integrity of the water steam circuit safe at all times. Critical parameters such as pH, conductivity or sodium are reliably measured to prevent the accumulation of precipitation in heat exchangers, boiler pipes and superheaters. As a result, you get increased process control, minimized downtime and longer operational life for your plant. Moreover, our SWAS solution is modular, scalable and customization to all your needs.

Real-time monitoring and on-line analysis

The real-time monitoring of your processes, as well as the on-line analysis of steam and water at different points in the power plant’s cycles, allow you to proactively respond to system stresses. Erosive and corrosive elements are detected reliably and imbalances causing mechanical damages are avoided. Additionally, the tamper-proof documentation of the measured values provided by our instruments, supports you when it comes to warranty issues with your boiler and turbine suppliers.

What is unique about the Endress+Hauser SWAS solution?

  • Application specific, customized solution

  • High quality instrumentation for increased plant safety and efficiency

  • Suitable for use with Memosens digital technology for easy calibration, reliable measurement and user-friendly maintenance

  • One transmitter for all parameters possible with Liquiline multichannel controllers

  • Modular, scalable and easy to retrofit

  • Reliable and safe operation according to various industry standards

What a customer said about it

"Endress+Hauser already offers the infrastructure for changing demands within modern power plants with its modular system (multivariable multichannel transmitter with Memosens and modular panels). Let it be base load, mid or peak load adaptation, or upgrading for additional parameters, modular means flexible and it implies Endress+Hauser." - Mr. Sener Guenes, Hitachi Power Europe GmbH, Lead Engineer Chemistry