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HMI and Software in the Industry 4.0

2011-12-10 17:33:33

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Command and execution, though and action: the balance between HMI devices and software in the Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more important.

The industrial sector has figured out that in order to continue to prosper it needs to renew itself and to guarantee its own sustainability. Both in terms of resources and of productive process. That is why companies have to invest more in the software aspect of technology.

This is a direction that we at ESA Automation have taken ourselves, with the goal to introduce many innovative solutions aimed to increase the efficiency of the industry through independent and open software.

Internet of Things: the new face of HMI and software technology

The chapter of industry that we are living today is that of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Services (IoS) in industrial automation. In this market – and reality – software is a key differentiating factor and the future of this sector depends on it.

In fact, the the efficiency of the entire production plant depends on the immediacy of HMIs and software in the Industry 4.0.

The more intuitive the program, the easier and quicker the job, with consequent saving of resources and time.

Allowing operators to execute their control on machineries is the goal of human-machine interfaces, and therefore their objective is also to interact with the productive process. Hence, making their control easier is the key to improve productivity.

That is why we need autonomous and open systems.

According to a IoT point of view, software communicates with other software, allowing a more fluid data exchange among machines, so that they can do their job without needing constant inputs from humans.

ESA Automation HMI and software solutions for the Industry 4.0

ESA Automation offers a wide range of solutions for industrial automation, including innovative HMIs and software that have been designed in perfect sync with the values of the Internet of Things.

Starting from Crew, the software that allows to program all Esaware – and third parties – HMI platforms.

Among the new features of this SCADA, in fact, you can finally set up SMS and email notifications for any event in Runtime. A great example of how a smart software can increase data sharing inside a production plant.

ESA Automation evolution continues. With our Cloud service, we have made available the next frontier of HMI and software efficiency in the Industry 4.0.

Now, users can access multiple online services, thanks to the automatic interaction among different systems through ESA Automation Cloud.

By using, for example, the MQTT protocol, it becomes possible to collect and organize data that come from any device. From energy consumption information to Runtime events, up to functioning data.

A faster, easier and therefore more efficient interaction, that is born from the evolution of HMI and software in the Industry 4.0.

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